• July 21, 2024

What Are CBD Buds? And Why You Should Try Them

CBD is a relatively new discovery in its isolated form, at least in the world of alternative medicine. However, CBD is steadily becoming a more and more popular option for people who want a natural, organic and non-toxic solution for their particular medical issue.

Some people use it for insomnia or just to encourage a good night’s sleep. Other’s use it to treat pain and inflammation while some swear by it as the best thing on the market for their anxiety. There are many reasons why people use CBD, and there are also many different ways to take it. CBD Edibles in the form of gummy bears or cupcakes are the preferred choice for some, while others favor CBD vape juice or CBD Buds. CBD Buds are also known as CBD Flowers or Hemp Flowers, and they are specially cultivated to ensure the CBD compound inside the plant is the dominant one, with only tiny traces of THC present – if any.

Variety of CBD Buds

The good news for people wanting to purchase CBD Buds is that there are a bunch of great online vendors who cultivate and sell great quality cannabis; with some offering a range of up to 15 different CBD-dominant strains at any one time. Buyers can choose from a range of specially grown CBD, all hand-picked and sold in its raw Hemp Flower form. The CBD buds can then be broken down and rolled into joints, used in pipes or vaporized. Most people report that CBD buds taste and smell similar to conventional cannabis buds but with a more earthy, slightly piney aroma and flavor. Various CBD strains taste slightly different, and some are of the Sativa variety – for daytime use; while others are Indica strains – intended for nighttime use.

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