• April 15, 2024

Why HHC is the new craze in the cannabis industry


What are hemp-derived HHCs?

Considered one of the most exciting cannabinoids on the market, HHC is known as a semi-synthetic compound. It occurs naturally in cannabis and the hemp plant, but in low concentrations, so it is created in a laboratory. These formulations are usually made by converting CBD or THC to HHC using hydrogenation.

What exactly is a “designer drug”?

Technically speaking, these “drugs” are synthetic versions of controlled substances or therapeutics that mimic the pharmacological effects produced by the original drug. Creating them in the lab can increase efficiency with minimal side effects. One example of this type of product is synthetic cannabinoids. However, not all synthetic products are created equal. The chemical structure of this compound has absolutely nothing to do with THC. HHC products sold by reputable suppliers are sourced directly from industrial hemp.

Will taking hemp-derived HHC to make you feel better?

It’s hard to say how HHC Vape will make you feel. Cannabis and its effects are subjective and vary from person to person. It can be said to produce psychoactive effects similar. Some consumers report that the experience is relatively less happy. How long the effect lasts depends on how you consume it. The results of inhalation products are felt almost immediately and can last for several hours. In comparison, the onset of food-based eating is more delayed and generally lasts much longer.

Is HHC considered a legitimate way to get high?

The answer is complicated. Hemp-derived cannabinoids, such as HHC, are in the gray area of the law. The Farm Bill currently permits hemp products with 0.3% delta 9 THC or less for purchase and consumption. However, the law does not mention many other compounds that occur naturally in the hemp plant and are synthesized, leaving the law open to interpretation. It also created an unregulated market as the government seems only interested in D9’s legal status. Hemp is federally legal, but some states restrict the sale of certain hemp-derived products. Check your local laws before purchasing.

Are HHC products safe to consume?

Yes, most HHC products are safe by source. HHC products purchased from producers or retailers who can provide a Certificate of Analysis (COA) for each product are considered safe. This lab report indicates the product’s potency and purity. It can be difficult to know the quality of a hemp product purchased at a gas station or convenience store. Buyers beware.

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Our premium HHC products include:

HHC Moon Rocks

What are Moon Rocks? This slang term describes a type of cannabis or hemp product. It usually starts with dried flowers or buds covered in distillate and kip (a dust-like substance made from the plant’s hairy cap). Combinations of these formulations can produce very potent products. Consumers can smoke these premium moonstones in joints, bongs, pipes, and more.

HHC shatter

What is Shatter? It is an extract (also called a concentrate) of cannabis and the hemp plant. It is made by combining botanicals and solvents using a closed-loop extraction system. These solvents may include butane and ethanol. This process results in a glassy gold or amber-colored product that can be very strong. It can be consumed in a dab rig or vape pen or added to dried flowers.

HHC distillate syringe

What is Distillate? The distillate can be clear or pale yellow in color and thick in consistency. It is considered tasteless and odorless. The production of this product uses a molecular distillation process similar to alcohol. These formulations typically contain only one compound (or isolate) and can be used to make a variety of edibles, topicals, and more. It can also be used in a vape pen or dab rig.

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