• June 19, 2024

What are the benefits of CBD hemp flower?

CBD products are known to have a variety of positive effects on the human body. Thanks to federal laws legalizing CBD and CBG flowers, there are many varieties of hemp flowers on the market today, giving hemp users a greater ability to determine the best choice of CBD varieties with potency, flavor and terpene profiles that best suit their needs. provides. .

The efficacy of these products for health care purposes has not been thoroughly studied in clinical trials. If you are using prescription medications, do not substitute or use CBD products without your doctor’s advice. The Federal Food and Drug Administration has not approved cannabis or CBD buds products for the treatment of any disease or serious medical condition.

Where Do You Source CBD Hemp Flower?


We are based in Asheville, Oregon but source our premium hemp flowers from several farms to ensure that we get only the highest quality cannabis plants and cannabis strains. Sustainability is important to Plain Jane, and our hemp plants are natural, pesticide-free produce from the highest quality growers. Because each farmer and harvest may be treated a little differently, qualities such as color, moisture and texture may vary. Our hemp flowers contain a delta-9-THC content of less than 0.3% (the legal amount of THC found in the hemp plant under agricultural legislation) and do not produce any psychoactive effects.

How do I know which hemp strain is right for me?


First off, the Plain Jane Hemp Quiz is a great way to get personal product recommendations. Whether you’re looking for a lifter like Sour Space Candy or just want a relaxing or restful sleep experience with Hawaiian Haze, we can help you determine the best hemp flower for you. Filter our product pages by the feel you’re looking for in hemp, or send your questions to our hemp experts.

Why Choose CBD Hemp Flower?


Our CBD floral strains are a great option for CBD users looking to relax in CBD paradise. CBD flowers contain low levels of THC content, preventing users from passing drug tests, but enjoying the entourage effects created by consuming the terpenes, cannabinoids and flavonoids from the whole cannabis plant. . The cannabinoids CBD, CBN, and CBG also interact with other cannabinoid receptors in the nervous system, allowing users to enjoy the benefits of CBD flowers. We can recommend cannabis buds that will deliver any taste or potential interaction you desire, from mood-altering to relaxing.

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