• June 19, 2024

RSO Buying Guide: How to Purchase High-Quality RSO for Your Needs

Where to buy RSO

Unfortunately, if you don’t live in a legal area, getting a high-quality RSO cures cancer can be quite difficult, and in those cases it’s best to make your own, but anyone living in a cannabis-friendly area can find one. These services are available through various channels, such as friends who can create these services or clinics that are licensed to sell these kinds of products.

It is important to note that the effectiveness of RSOs in the medical community is still highly debated. Few doctors and scientists are willing to get on board yet, as the research results are few and far between. Some of the many benefits that consumers can now reap using RSO include:

Induces Sleep – The cannabinoids in RSO can reduce your heart rate and help your body relax. Its effects are not considered to be as intense as over-the-counter sleep aids, which are difficult to shake off in the morning.

Anxiety Relief – Rick Simpson’s oil is concentrated in THC. THC triggers the release of pleasure hormones that reduce stress and give you an overall feeling of calm.

Pain Relief – The cannabinoids in RSO provide anti-inflammatory effects that help relieve pain.

Cancer Prevention – One of the most popular benefits of RSO is cancer prevention. Many cannabinoids in RSO, such as THC and CBD, can help reduce cancer cells and their ability to spread.

Increases Appetite – One of the most commonly known facts about THC is that it increases your appetite for food. Because the THC content is so concentrated in RSO, it can help with anorexia. Therefore, RSO is highly recommended for cancer and chemotherapy patients.

How to use RSO extract

To find the right dose, we recommend starting with 3 “doses” (drops or granule-sized pieces) every 8 hours daily. A single dose is described as no bigger than a grain of rice. It is not recommended to smoke this oil if it is used for medical purposes. Instead, Rick suggests eating it or rubbing it under your gum line or under your tongue. Allow sufficient time for complete dissolution before eating or drinking enough.

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