• May 29, 2024

CBD: A Safe Alternative to Pet Medications

Dog parents want their pets to be comfortable, happy, and safe. CBD-infused treats and other pet products offer owners an alternative to more toxic conventional medications. Giving your dog small doses of CBD instead of conventional medications can reduce short- and long-term side effects.

A key component of holistic pet care is determining the best health regimen for your dog’s unique needs. This can include using traditional medications along with natural treatments or switching to natural supplements only. Canna-Pet cbd dog treats for pain products can be used with any pet medication and can safely complement your dog’s current routine.

CBD Dog Treats from Canna-Pet
Canna-Pet’s CBD dog treats are completely plant-based, organic, and made from industrial hemp. Our products are safe and natural alternatives that can be given to pets without worrying about side effects.

CBD dog treats are an innovative way to provide cannabis nutrition to your pet. The Canna-Pet line of CBD biscuits was created after nearly 30 years of dedicated industry research. Since launching our hemp pet product line, we have produced millions of CBD dog treats, CBD dog pills and pet oils worldwide.

it is found that 93% of Canna-Pet customers prefer CBD pet products to most other traditional medications. A customer survey was conducted and found that hemp products had far fewer potential side effects compared to other canine medications. Additionally, CBD dog treats can improve the side effects of many medications.

Hundreds of  veterinarians give Canna-Pet dog treats and other CBD pet products their stamp of approval. In fact, many people recommend our products to relieve a variety of symptoms and behavioral problems in dogs.

Organic Advanced Formula Kanna Biscuits
Our Advanced Formula Canna-Biscuit Dog Treats offer more hemp than traditional CBD treats. Biscuits are available in dog-friendly flavors including Maple Bacon, PB&A (Peanuts, Bananas, Apples) and Turkey Dinner. They are bite-sized and are easily administered to dogs of all sizes. We also offer baked vegan CBD dog treats with high quality, organic, non-GMO ingredients. These treats are designed to be delicious for all breeds, so you should have no problem feeding them to your pup.

Canna-Pet’s CBD dog treats are made to the same quality standards that we provide to our families. We make our dog treats with psychoactive industrial hemp. Our specialty products allow your pet to benefit from the terpenes and hemp phytochemicals used in our recipes. For dogs under 20 pounds, we recommend one biscuit every 12 hours. Dogs between 21 and 44 pounds can be given two CBD treats every 12 hours. Three biscuits are safe for puppies between 45 and 95 pounds, while heavier canines can have up to four biscuits every 12 hours.

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