• June 19, 2024

Cannabis seedling stage nutrient requirements

Some cannabis nutrient companies have specialist seedling nutrients. These are useful for hydroponic growers and are very diluted to avoid ‘burning’ the delicate cannabis roots. When growing in good quality soil there is often no need to add nutrients when in the seedling stage, doing so may damage the delicate seedlings.

Cannabis vegetative stage nutrient requirements

During the best cannabis nutrients vegetative stage, the nutrients tend to be rich in Nitrogen which supports early growth. During veg growth the overall nutrient demand tends to be smaller than that in bloom, when the plant is producing higher amounts of biomass. Requirement for light is also less during vegetative growth. If too much nutrition is given during early growth you can easily permanently stunt your plant and prevent it reaching full potential.

Cannabis flowering stage nutrient requirements

As the cannabis plant transitions into the flowering stage, nutritional requirements change as vegetative growth gives way to bloom and resin production. Bloom nutrients tend to have a lower Nitrogen content and a higher ratio of Phosphorus and Potassium.

Can you grow cannabis without nutrients?

Yes, it happens all the time in nature. The only reason to add nutrients is to optimise growth conditions and improve the eventual harvest quality/yield.

Do autoflowering cannabis plants need specific nutrients?

You can buy them, but they are not essential. Many of those that grow autoflower seeds use the same nutrient range as they use for their photoperiod feminised cannabis seeds.

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