• July 21, 2024


Grinding directly into a clear glass jar and available in a beautiful wood grain or marble pattern, this electric grinder will look right at home on your kitchen counter. In addition to the elegant styling, it also features a rechargeable battery, so you can take it on the road. Shred herb and look great doing it, without taxing your wrists or hands.erfect for the green cook or those ready to shred a large quantity of herb for home use, this electric grinder plugs right into a standard outlet and can run for as long as you need it to. It has a transparent plastic lid so you can make sure you are getting the perfect consistency, whether you’re cooking, vaping, or smoking.


Some electric grinders are just grinders, and getting everything else you need to optimize your herbal experience is up to you, but if you’re looking for something more complete, you’re in luck! Our innovative product team came up with these all-in-one set ups:

A complete kit for grinding and filling your own pre-rolls, the Pulsar Electric Cone Filler comes in a convenient carry case and has some cool accessories for a totally portable, one-handed roll-your-own experience. One member of our team called it “a life saver” after they broke their wrist and only had one hand to work with. The ECF is also an awesome option for beginners, because the all-in-one functionality covers all the bases. Put some cones in the cone stand, add herb to the funnel jar, grind, and fill. Voila! – all the benefits of DIY pre-rolls, one-handed, with a significantly reduced learning curve.

Another really cool all-in-one device, the Pulsar Range has you covered if you prefer a fire-free experience. Along with the multiple vape atomizer options, the Range comes with a grinder attachment that works similarly to the ECF, which simplifies your sesh while offering unparalleled versatility. If you already like vaporizers, or are looking for your first one and don’t want to shop around for multiple pieces of gear, the Range makes it easy to Metal weed grinder grind and go. Best of all, if you decide you prefer concentrates to dry herb, you can keep right on using it.

Electric grinder overview: Electric grinders offer several advantages: one-handed use, the ability to process more flower at once, and the option of a finer grind if you prefer to vape your dry herb. Electric grinders can also be part of an all-in-one system if you’re into keeping things streamlined. However, if you’d rather avoid having to recharge your battery or needing an outlet at all, always-on hand grinders are going to be the better choice.

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